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One Technological Solutions

We develop technological solutions to complex problems and challenges
using artificial intelligence, BigData and BlockChain.
One Technological Solutions

We design and develop customized applications that efficiently save time and optimize processes in any business area.
One Technological Solutions

We are committed to innovation in the legal world. We are pioneers in Spain in creating applications assisted
by Artificial Intelligence to help legal professionals.
One Technological Solutions

We take care of the acquisition, installation and configuration of computer equipment. We also configure
and maintain the intranet networks of all your facilities.
One Technological Solutions

Protect yourself against digital threats: we analyze your company's vulnerabilities and design the best defense plan.

Onets is your trusted and reliable source for everything related to IT services and support

We are a Spanish company specialising in legaltech/lawtech consultancy services, software development and cybersecurity. At Onets we design strategies that work in the face of all kinds of complex challenges, always using the most advanced technology available to us.
We develop customised applications that allow us to optimise tasks effectively and we are committed to digitalisation. If you are looking to increase the security of your company, we provide auditing services to offer you the best protection plan against threats or cyber-attacks.


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LegalTech/LawTech - Automation & Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Cybersecurity

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We only work on projects in which we can offer you an improvement of quality. We do not seek accounts, our goal is to provide solutions.


Onets Solutions

Legaltech/Lawtech Consulting

Thanks to our algorithms and the implementation of artificial intelligence and Big Data, we design and develop applications that solve everyday problems related to the world of law or justice and its professional practice. These applications are mainly aimed at jurists, lawyers, judges or magistrates.

- We offer solutions to the treatment of unstructured data of cases provided by the administration of Justice in PDF containing scanned or photographed images of pages without an underlying text layer, where you can search for words or phrases, create indexes according to your needs in an editable file, extract the documents required by the judicial moment and access the databases of laws and related jurisprudence, all in the same integrated system: SumarIA App.

- We provide law firms with customized solutions, developing software based on their needs.

- We have developed a Prison Defense Management Software (LibertIA App) that integrates: a database with positive rulings and jurisprudence against resolutions of the Spanish CCPP, IIPP or Courts that deny prison furloughs or grade progressions to convicted inmates, a database with information on each inmate that allows attaching documentation in PDF / Docx format, and a generator of complaint and appeal writs that, thanks to advanced algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, is able to generate a complaint or appeal in a few seconds, all this based on the reasons for which a permit or a grade progression has been denied, supporting their arguments in existing case law.

Tool that assists judges and magistrates (ASAI) mainly in complex procedures, complementing litigation data with the contribution of jurisprudence or court rulings, helping to achieve a better legal argumentation of the sentence, automating with IA the entire process and thus increasing the profitability and efficiency of the court.

We develop online tools that reduce or eliminate the need to resort to certain legal services in its traditional modality, allowing access to Legal Chat instruments to receive information. Additionally, we work on the adaptation of sentences issued by the courts that use complex language, seeking to make them more easily understandable for ordinary citizens.


Whatever your company needs: we design, develop and automate all kinds of processes, offering solutions that improve your service or business profitability. We convert all your data or paper documents into information through a smart engine that optimizes your resources and improves your company reputation with on-site or remote maintenance. 

We acquire and install computers, workstations, laptops and servers, in addition to scanning and printing equipment or other communication devices.

· We install and configure any operating system that you might need, as well as any third-party applications that you use, whether it is local or cloud storage.

· ​​​​​​​We design and develop web solutions and custom applications that suit customers’ needs, thanks to a highly specialized team in databases, web pages, algorithms and application of Artificial Intelligence, BigData and BlockChain, in order to optimize your workflow and increase business productivity.

· 360º virtual digitalization of infrastructures (Offices / Institutions / etc.). 

We are specialized in computer networks and network management. We can install, set up and keep your intranet working in all your facilities, offering remote access in all your facilities even if they are thousands of miles apart, we do this through your own VPN server, which would be developed by us using Token APP.

Cybersecurity and counter-surveillance

Whether you have been victim of a cyber-attack or require protection against future threats, or if given your personal/work position you require extra protection,  we offer customized solutions with the help of the latest and most advanced technology.

Thanks to our communications system PriSeA you will be provided with military grade encrypted technology, using double VPN tunnels, in addition to servers aimed at encrypting instant messaging communications so that third-parties will be unaware of its existence.

· In case you have been the victim of a cyberattack, we have a computer forensic examination department in order to try to minimize damage and discover how it happened and who was responsible for it. This way, the customer will know what to do so that it does not happen again.

· If what you want is maximum protection, besides providing you with the latest technology against cyberattacks we offer training courses for your employees. From experience, we know that the weak point regarding IT security and communications are people themselves. 

· Security systems with IP video surveillance, motion and seismic detectors, and access control through your smartphone.

· Vehicle and fleet control through geolocators capable of stopping the engine in case of need.

We are able to conduct counter-surveillance audits by accessing your infrastructures and vehicles, this way you will know if you are being monitored by a third-party or if there are bugging devices, hidden cameras or geolocators. If so, we will provide you with devices that will be able to deactivate any active or passive microphone present at your meetings by means of ultrasounds, or temporarily cancel geolocation signals in your vehicle or wherever you are.


We work with our own servers


Security and privacy

Security and privacy are paramount, for this reason we work with our own servers which are only accesible locally.


Permissions and accesses

Greater control over permissions and accesses, we keep a complete record of the information.


Preventive Security

Workers trained in preventive security, mitigating vulnerabilities due to malpractice.

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